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5 Reasons Your New Breast Center Is Requesting Your Prior Breast Imaging

Have you ever switched breast imaging facilities and wondered why your new facility is requesting that you provide your prior breast imaging? 

Perhaps your most recent mammogram was between 5 and 10 years ago, and in this case you may wonder: “How could images from so many years ago be relevant to my upcoming mammogram?”

Did you know that the only method that is in accordance with the national protocol for the provision of the highest standard of care is for a radiologist to read mammography images by means of comparison with prior breast imaging?

The radiologist will request that you provide all breast imaging performed in the past 10 years as this information will be used as a comparison to enable the radiologist to determine if any changes in tissue have occurred between years, which will ensure the most accurate interpretation.

Why Providing Prior Breast Imaging Is Necessary

Below are 5 evidence-based reasons why providing prior breast imaging to your new breast center is necessary (Yes, even if you have always had “normal” mammogram results”).

  1. To provide the radiologist with a comprehensive understanding of your breast history and any procedures that may have altered your breast tissue, including: breast biopsies, surgery or radiation.
  2. To determine whether a change has occurred in your breast tissue since your last mammogram: The radiologist will conduct a side-by-side comparison of new imaging performed and previous imaging to detect changes. Changes in breast tissue from year to year will prompt the radiologist to order further diagnostic studies to rule out whether or not a new finding is suspicious for malignancy and to provide the most accurate diagnosis. 
  3. To reduce call-backs and unnecessary diagnostic workups- Discoveries of abnormalities determined to be benign in the past, with no evidence provided to your new radiologist may result in unnecessary additional testing or a call-back to the facility to rule out a previously determined benign finding. Without prior imaging, it is impossible to determine whether findings are a natural part of your pattern of breast tissue or if they have recently developed. 
  4.  To determine whether or not previous findings (calcifications, cysts, fibroadenomas, etc) have remained stable through the years or have increased/decreased in size. 
  5. In order to receive same-day results from our on-site radiologists, previous imaging must be provided PRIOR to the patient’s exam date. If a patient does not provide previous breast imaging, new imaging will be held aside for the radiologist to read upon receiving the patient’s prior imaging.  

You may be wondering, “What if this is my first mammogram?” If you have never had a mammogram before, but have had other breast related imaging studies performed in the past 10 years, you must provide your new breast center with the records. 

If you have never had ANY breast-related studies, you will not have anything to provide your new breast center with. The new images taken will be considered a baseline and will be used as a comparison for all future breast imaging studies that you undergo throughout your lifetime.

Are you looking to make a switch to a new breast center for your next mammogram?

Be sure to obtain your prior breast imaging records and call our office at 732-741-9595 to schedule your next appointment with us!