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The COVID-19 Vaccine and Mammograms

While the correlation between receiving a mammogram and the COVID-19 vaccine is still being studied, we’ve gathered important information that women should currently be aware of. If you are considered high-risk or are above 40 years old, please continue reading for the recommendations for having a mammogram post-vaccination. 

Expect Swelling

Lymph node swelling is a common sign experienced by women post-vaccine. This may be misinterpreted as possible cancerous lumps, however, it is usually nothing but an immune response. Breast radiologist, Christine Edmonds, MD, explains that swelling is an “immunogenic reaction” as the vaccine commonly enters the body near the armpit region. 

When to Schedule a Mammogram

Because of the expected swelling of axillary lymph nodes, most women are urged to schedule their mammography screening before their COVID-19 vaccine or at least 4-6 weeks after to allow swelling to subside. However, if you are experiencing concerning symptoms or are considered high-risk, proceed with your vaccine and screening as planned and always discuss treatment plans and options with your healthcare provider.

Communicate With Your Tech

When communicating with your radiology practice, include information regarding your COVID-19 vaccine history. Request that your doctor add this information, such as the date you received it, and in which arm, to your records as it will increase accuracy for your next mammogram. 

Most importantly, do not delay your mammogram further than necessary. Many women have postponed their screenings due to the pandemic, which can make early detection more difficult to achieve. If it has been over one year since your last mammogram, please schedule an appointment at Little Silver Mammography and HerSpace today.