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Cyst Aspiration

Our breast imaging specialists at Little Silver Mammography and HerSpace are proud to perform several cyst aspirations daily to help women feel comfortable in their breasts.

Although most cysts are non-cancerous when the fluid removed is sent to a laboratory for testing and reveals abnormal results, our quick action helps women get the answers they need as soon as possible to take appropriate action toward recovery.

“The treatment I received from the moment I entered the office until I left was wonderful. Everyone from receptionist to technicians were kind, caring and gentle. It made an experience which normally is not pleasant more than bearable.”

What Is A Cyst Aspiration?

Although most cysts are benign, they can become sensitive and uncomfortable over time, and removing the fluid can alleviate discomfort and any other symptoms. An ultrasound-guided breast cyst aspiration is a quick, minor procedure that uses a fine needle to drain fluid from a cyst.

What Happens During A Cyst Aspiration?

During a cyst aspiration, you will be lying on your back or slightly turned to the side as a NJ radiologist applies gel on your breast and guides an ultrasound device across to locate the cyst. Once the location of the cyst is determined, the breast imager will clean and numb the area before inserting a small needle into it using ultrasound-guided imaging. The procedure usually takes as little as 15 minutes. 

When the fluid drainage is complete, our breast imaging specialist will apply pressure to the area with sterile gauze and place a small bandage to prevent bleeding, much like the process after drawing blood.

Why Would I Need A Cyst Aspiration?

Your physician may recommend an ultrasound-guided cyst aspiration if a cyst in your breast:

  • Is troubling you because it is painful or feels like a breast lump 
  • Appears complex or “dirty” on ultrasound and needs verification that it is only benign
  • Is large enough to obscure portions of breast tissue in a mammogram

If your doctor wants to ensure the fluid does not contain any infections or show signs of cancer, it may be sent to a lab to check for bacteria under a microscope or otherwise discarded.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Cyst Aspiration?

You may feel sore or have mild bruising after your cyst aspiration, but this is normal and will fade naturally. If necessary, use Tylenol or other non-aspirin pain relievers to help alleviate any discomfort. Most patients comfortably return to normal activities within a few hours.

Is A Cyst Aspiration Painful?

You will receive a local anesthetic injection before your cyst aspiration and should only feel a small amount of pressure, if any, during the procedure.

Pre And Post-Examination Care

  • Stop taking aspirin or other blood-thinning medications at least seven days before your procedure.
  • Please let us know beforehand if you have a medical condition that causes excess or abnormal bleeding.
  • Schedule your procedure a week after your menstrual cycle for more comfort during your cyst aspiration. 
  • Wear a comfortable, loose-fitting bra and top that you can remove easily on the day of your procedure.
  • On the day of your procedure, avoid wearing any type of lotions, powders, deodorants, or perfumes on your breasts or under your arms.
  • Continue to wear a comfortable, supportive bra following your cyst aspiration.
  • Keep the protective gauze and bandage clean and dry for the first few days.
  • If you feel discomfort after the procedure, we recommend you apply pressure to the area with ice packs.
  • As a cyst aspiration is a simple, straightforward procedure, you should be able to resume your usual day within a few hours. Our New Jersey radiologists will provide detailed post-care instructions for fast healing and to avoid complications.


Does Insurance Cover A Cyst Aspiration?

Health insurance usually covers breast cyst aspirations, but please check with your insurance provider for the details of what is covered by your specific plan.

What Are The Risks Associated With A Cyst Aspiration?

Risks, like infection, are rare with a cyst aspiration, but if you experience any of the following, call our NJ breast cancer screening center as soon as possible:

  • Swelling that doesn’t dissipate or becomes worse
  • A fever over 101 degrees 
  • Discomfort that doesn’t improve with recommended medication
  • Continuous bleeding

It’s not uncommon for cysts to fill back up with fluid over time and require another aspiration. If, despite repetitive aspirations, the cyst keeps returning, we may recommend removal through breast surgery to remove the cyst permanently.

Why Us?

Our team at Little Silver Mammography and HerSpace has helped put hundreds of women at ease as we pursue the clinical objective of detecting and diagnosing breast cancer at its earliest, most curable stage.

We recommend thorough research to find radiologists and technologists with excellent reputations, relevant qualifications, and glowing reviews. You can read some of our ‘real patient’ testimonials here!

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